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Kymera's strength and success are derived from the work we do with our clients and the positive impact we have had on their business performance. Some of our achievements include:

  • Launching a new award-winning food brand from concept through to national distribution . . .
  • Increasing the profits of a leading Distributor by more than 100% in less than one year . . .
  • Transforming a leader in the Produce industry into a place where top talent in the business
    wants to work . . .
  • Completely re-organizing the sales force structure of a successful Consumer Products company to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve accountability . . .
  • Streamlining the organizational structure of a multi-national food company to improve operational efficiencies and create a clear succession plan
  • Strengthening the brand awareness of a small start-up company to effectively compete with larger, better funded competitors . . .
  • Helping the President of a family-run business successfully manage sales growth of over 800% in less than 3 years . . .
  • Developing a strategic plan with a local Retailer to expand operations from 10 stores to 25 in multiple cities . . .
  • Helping a diverse Hospitality-oriented company clearly articulate its vision and goals to maximize employee performance and contribution . . .

As different as these examples are, they provide tangible evidence of how Kymera Management has helped clients, and explain better than anything we could say, who we are.

Please take some time to explore this web site and get to know us; we hope you get a sense of the significant resources, people, knowledge, and capabilities that Kymera Management has available to our clients.

Our Philosophy — The 4i's of the Kymera Management Group

Kymera Management's Philosophy

Helping clients grow through substantial, lasting improvement
in their business performance

Insight — Insights beyond the obvious.
At the Kymera Management Group, we challenge our clients to look not only beyond their immediate horizons, but to the future, so that they position themselves for tomorrow by acting today.

Impact — Breakthrough Thinking!
Kymera helps clients lay the foundation for creating long-term, superior performance in their business. We are not satisfied until our clients are implementing the most effective strategies that deliver positive, measurable results.

Implementation — From Thought to Execution.
At the Kymera Management Group, we consider clients' problems from many angles, develop options and fresh ideas they hadn't previously considered, and recommend paths they should take. But we don't stop there. A strategy that is not implemented is merely an interesting idea. We work with clients to ensure that winning strategies are properly implemented - working alongside them to get the job done.

Integrity — Integrity in everything we do.
Kymera recognizes that creating relationships of trust are the bedrock on which we are anchored. We strive to form strong bonds with our clients and staff by consistently delivering on our commitments.

"Everyone lives by selling something." Robert Louis Stevenson

"Learn more about the Kymera Management team"

"We have worked with Kymera quite extensively over the last two years
on many different assignments. During this time, Kymera has helped us to refine
our go-to market strategies, enhance our corporate branding, better
understand our competitive position, and identify new market opportunities.
They are an excellent addition to our Sales and Marketing efforts."

Colum Caldwell, Former President & CEO

Optimal Geomatics Inc.

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