Client Testimonials

Making a lasting, positive impact on our client's business performance is why Kymera Management exists. Here are some quotes from our clients:

Pulo Philippine Cuisine/7000 Islands Foods Corp. Inc

Vincent Uy — Co-Founder & President
"Kymera has played a central role in the creation and development of the Pulo Philippine Cuisine brand. From the initial concept development to building and implementing our Sales and Marketing strategies, Kymera has been involved in every facet of our business. If you are an entrepreneur looking to launch a new product or build a company from scratch, I would highly recommend using Kymera."

The Little Potato Company Inc.

Angela Santiago — CEO
"I have been fortunate to been able to work with Kymera over the last several years – the impact they have had on our company has been impressive. Their value is expansive and relevant and has been one of the keys to the growth of The Little Potato Company –from helping us to strengthen our organizational structure, build our brand equity, and providing innovative strategic recommendations, I consider Kymera a partner in the success of our business."

Cascade Aqua-Tech Ltd

Dave Metzler — President
"Over the last 10 years, Kymera has assisted us in many important areas of our business including Human Resources, operational improvement, strategic planning, and facilitating business planning sessions. I enjoy working with Kymera and appreciate their insightful and innovative solutions. I can't imagine accomplishing the goals and achieving the growth we have without the support and clear perspective Kymera has offered us. I would not hesitate to recommend Kymera to any business needing clarity and planning around any of these key areas of their business."

Corrcoat Services Inc.

Ed Raitt — President & Shareholder
"With the assistance of Kymera since 2011, Corrcoat has made significant improvements in our management, operations, and profitability. It is with this assistance, at the strategic and management level, that our most recent fiscal year will be the best in our history, at both the top line and the bottom line."

Crown Roofing and Drainage Commercial Division Limited

Len De Wit — President & Owner
"Kymera has been of great assistance to me over the past year in developing a strategic business plan and analyzing several strategic options that the company was facing from an operational, financial, and management perspective"

Ideal Welders Ltd.

Jim Longo — President & Owner
"Since 2008, the Kymera Management Group has assisted Ideal Welders in our growth from corporate directions, to sales management, to financial positioning, to operational and management organization. They have assisted us in the growth oriented discussions that we have had to address during that time."

WerkMaster Grinders & Sanders Inc.

Brian Wilson — President & Owner
"Since 2006, Kymera has provided significant assistance to the growth of WerkMaster. Kymera has assisted us with our strategic directions, financial organization, and corporate growth. Kymera will continue to be a valuable partner for us."

GolfBC Group

Donald Lee — Executive Vice President
"Our involvement with the Kymera Management Group over the last several years has significantly benefited GolfBC. Kymera provides practical recommendations, programs, and tools that have enhanced the performance of our organization and delivered tangible results. Some of the services they have provided include assisting us with developing and clearly articulating our vision and corporate objectives, building and executing alternative strategies, focusing our sales and marketing efforts, helping to better align human resources, and facilitating management meetings. I recommend to any CEO or senior management group to strongly consider engaging the services of Kymera."

Robeez Footwear Ltd.

Sandra Wilson — Former Founder, President & CEO
"Being ranked one of the fastest growing companies in Canada, Robeez has experienced considerable changes over the last several years. Kymera has been an integral part of helping us to effectively navigate these recent changes. In particular, Kymera worked closely with Robeez to develop our vision and business objectives, create a strategic Sales & Marketing plan, build a financial model to manage our growth, and produce an operations management plan for manufacturing. Kymera's broad experience and professionalism has been a valuable asset to our company."

Hot House Growers Inc.

Bill Le Clair — Former Chief Financial Officer
"I have worked with Kymera on a regular basis over the last 5 years on many different organizational challenges. The solutions Kymera have provided us have been effective, logical, and action-orientated, but most importantly, have added tremendous value to our organization. I would recommend them to any company that needs to take their performance to the next level."

Optimal Geomatics Inc.

Colum Caldwell - Former President & CEO
"We have worked with Kymera quite extensively over the last 2 years on many different assignments. During this time, Kymera has helped us to refine our go-to market strategies, enhance our corporate branding, better understand our competitive position, and identify new market opportunities. They are an excellent addition to our Sales and Marketing efforts."

B.C. Wine Institute

Peggy Athans — Former Executive Director
"Kymera has been an essential part in helping the BC Wine Institute plan a new organizational structure. They have helped us with researching our members' needs and creating our future vision. Because of Kymera's extensive hands-on experience, they are able to get to the core of an issue quickly and provide effective solutions we can implement. Kymera is highly responsive to our needs."

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